What’s New? All DayZ 0.63 Stress Test Changelogs


3 weeks ago

Overview of all Stress Test Changelogs

To prepare for the DayZ 0.63 experimental release, the developers are opening short stress tests to the public. If you want to participate and help them gather data, please read the information here carefully.
This overview will be updated every time a new changelog is shared by the developers.

The Stress Tests don’t give you the DayZ experience the developers are aiming for. They want to test┬áserver performance and stability. Features or content available internally might not appear in the Stress Tests.

Keep in mind a lot of new features or content that were added to the game are not mentioned in these changelogs. These changelogs are focused on fixing stability and server performance issues.


Stress Test #15 (31/05/2018):

  • fixed a major problem in memory management that could have been behind a variety of client and server stability issues
  • fixed a specific server crash tied to infected
  • another round of tweaks aimed towards lowering the risk of player kicks when network traffic is high
  • removed ctrl+r insta reload
  • reverted viewdistance changes, should improve performance

Stress Test #14 (29/05/2018):

  • attempts to fix some cases of BE/general player kicking
  • attempts to fix the most common client and server crash

Stress Test #13 (25/05/2018):

  • an attempted fix for the most common server crash
  • additional logging to help us diagnose kick/lock issues
  • fix for the quickbar issue with items disappearing from it
  • network optimizations on some servers to test their effect on performance
  • all the additional stuff from the internal branch (UI for soft skills, crawling infected, blood particles…)

    DayZ Stress Tests are unstable, developers use them to test performance.

    The road ahead isn’t easy! Stress Tests are often unstable. Expect crashes and other issues.

Stress Test #12 (24/05/2018):

  • we’re testing a new wave of measures to ensure server performance optimization

Stress Test #11 (23/05/2018):

  • changes for internal purposes with some low-level fixes, not particularly notable in the gameplay itself

Stress Test #10 (18/05/2018):

  • we added some profilers for internal purposes

Stress Test #9 (15/05/2018):

  • an attempt at fixing desynchronization between players and infected

Stress Test #8 (14/05/2018):

  • condensed spawns and infected for testing purposes

Stress Test #7 (11/05/2018):

  • minor changes related to stability
  • bug fixes to be tested

Stress Test #6 (10/05/2018):

  • added infected

Stress Test #5 (04/05/2018):

  • another attempt at fixing server freezes and subsequent player kicking

Stress Test #4 (03/05/2018):

  • fixed an issue in networking which could have been the cause of servers kicking players and freezing

Stress Test #3 (02/05/2018):

  • holding breath changes
  • adding items to last inventory column now works
  • gesture/animation fixes

Stress Test #2 (24/04/2018):

  • ADS (aiming down sights) controls now set on left Shift by default
  • fixes for errors occurring in crafting, weapon and inventory manipulation that could cause follow-up issues in client/server communication
  • additional logging to help us debug the build
  • dry fire fixes
  • fixes for improvised objects crafting
  • fixes for the unintentionally greyed out menu when injured/after disconnecting from the server with a dead character
  • tweaks to the login queue time system
  • some fixes for the issue with characters
  • getting locked out of the server
  • some new animations added

Stress Test #1 (20/04/2018):

  • Stress Test released

The changelogs are taken from the official DayZ forums.