Submit your application, become a whitelisted community member and begin your story!

DayzUnderground is a private organic roleplay community. While our servers use a schedule of whitelisted, passworded and open hours, only community members receive whitelist access. Having your application from here accepted will make you a full DUG community member with whitelist access. You will be able to become a part of DUG’s beating heart: the private forum, where the depth of DayzUnderground with its living universe of lore, groups and factions is awaiting you. As a community member you also get dedicated Teamspeak channels and a voice in all our community discussions that shape the future of DayzUnderground. All applications are reviewed within one week and if your application is accepted, you will receive a message sent to your Reddit forum user account you used to apply.

Our application system is straight-forward and gives you the ability to tell us what you care about. There are no quiz questions or character essays. Be honest, genuine, show effort in your application and join a community of like minded but diverse storytellers.

The application process

We will begin by collecting information such as your name, age and most importantly your forum account username for our private subreddit forum and your SteamID64 for your whitelist entry. The application form will explain all steps and offer you a way to validate if the SteamID64 you submit is correct. After the formalities, we have three main application questions for you to answer: Why do you enjoy DayZ? How does your idea of a perfect DayZ community look like? Why did you apply to DUG and how do you see yourself contributing?

How long does the review take and how do I know if I’m accepted or not?

Applications are reviewed by us daily and all applications are currently reviewed within one week maximum. If your application is accepted, you will receive access to our private subreddit forum and a message sent to your Reddit forum user account you used to apply. If you are not accepted, you will not receive a message, as the platforms we currently use don’t have support for it. If you haven’t received a message after one to two weeks, you know your application was unfortunately not accepted. If you receive the message and private forum access, you are a member of the community and whitelisted.

What makes a good application?

First and foremost you need to be genuine and honest. People who have their application accepted know what DUG stands for, want to join the community and actively contribute. Make sure you read all questions slowly and carefully. Please let your application reflect your dedication and commitment. Applications with single words or short sentences as answers do not give us enough information or confidence in a judgement and are declined.

Before you begin your application through the link below, we want to thank you for your support and wish you good luck!

I understand, begin my application