The Black Mass – DayZ Event Trailer

The Humans of Chernarus Photo Series

“The Humans of Chernarus” is a photo series showing portraits of real survivors on DUG, what they go through to survive and the stories they experienced along the way.

DayZ Status Report Highlights – June 5th

A short summary of all important DayZ Status Report info.

A Departure to the Unknown

We’re on a boat, shipping UN crates labelled emergency relief when we find out where we’re heading, our departure into the unknown written by SevRoks begins.

The Forum Post turned into Cinematic – “This DayZ World”

What’s New? All DayZ 0.63 Stress Test Changelogs

Find out what’s new and stay up-to-date on all new DayZ Stress Test changelogs.

Clash at the Castle Event

The rebellion grew and now the king must fall! DUG’s next event: Clash at the Castle.