Exhilarating – A Story by /u/SpootinLaza

Two men lay prone on the rocks North of Novaya Petrovka, the day was clear and the sun setting West over the Tisy Car-line.

Hurt – A Story by Gino

King of Green Mountain (King of the Hill Event) – March 17th

EVENT NAME: King of Green Mountain LOCATION: Green Mountain and the surrounding area DURATION: 90 minutes   OBJECTIVE: Competing teams will attempt to take and hold the jail building for the duration of the event.

The Only Cure – The Death of Abbigale Arlet

Happy Birthday DayzUnderground!

Four years and one day ago, /u/DrBigMoney and a few other DayZ community members created the private forum at /r/dayzunderground.

Story: Pay It Forward by /u/rjacquel

The damp morning air passes through a large school house window Ryan is quiet sitting at an old teachers desk inside the school, his bag and items strewn in an organized fashion across the class room that he now calls home.

Fists of Gold Championship Radio Broadcast

Fists of Gold Regional Fight Club Championship

The news group Chernarus Daily has been instructed by the Golden Jackals to alert the survivors of South Zagoria to the Fists of Gold Grand Championship, which will be held near the town of Grishino on Saturday the 24th of February at 16:00 EST.

Story: Be Weary of the Ways of the World by /u/LexanTexxan

This world is ugly, The people are ugly; The actions we take everyday to survive are often just as ugly.

Fists of Gold Regional Fight Night – Division 2