DUG Memories – Community Contest Winners

A collection of stories from DUG prior to DayZ 1.

DayzUnderground Is Now Self-Hosted

We made the switch to a self-hosted server, here’s what you should know.

What’s in a Picture? An Interview with DrDeSync

Screenshot Artist DrDeSync talks about pictures, the beauty of DayZ and how he all got started.

Chernarus Defense Forces – Groups and Factions

The CDF are a military force who are hoping to bring back normalcy to their beautiful country Chernarus… at any cost.

The Carnival – Groups and Factions

Whether clowns freak you out or not, it’ll be a dangerous freak show when you come across one of DayzUnderground‚Äôs strangest groups: “The Carnival”.

DayZ Status Report Highlights – 25 September

The second DayZ 0,63 content patch is coming soon and this is why we’re excited about it.

Groups and Factions: The Lucky Bastards

It all began one fatal night when a hellish storm lunged their ship onto the cliffs at Rify in the north eastern parts of South Zagoria, Chernarus.

The 506 – Groups and Factions

A significant force for interaction and stories among the DayzUnderground community.

DUG Groups and Factions – The Cult of Papa

In this series, we will be highlighting groups and factions of players on DayzUnderground.

Summer Showdown Highlights – September 1st

With the DayZ community in a weird spot in terms of game development, we at DayzUnderground have created several events in the month of August called Summer Showdown.