The Community

Creating stories and connecting people.

DayzUnderground is an organic roleplay community and home to mature and diverse storytellers. Built by moderators and DayZ closed pre-alpha testers, DUG was chosen by the DayZ developers as a secret testbed for DayZ private hive technology. With our dedication to first-person only survival and storytelling through organic Roleplay, we let you explore a unique depth of DayZ. Find your place within the Underground and enjoy your time with like minded members.


Security. Reliability. Activity.

DUG offers two first-person DayZ servers with scheduled open, password and whitelist periods. The 60 slot private hive servers are located in the US and EU. A slightly accelerated full night and day cycle lets you experience the distinct beauty of Chernarus. The servers don’t share characters to prevent ghosting or server hopping.

In our 200 slot TeamSpeak server you will find people to play with. Use our public rooms for non-members or private rooms reserved for members and their groups or factions to play and find new friends. Custom-made tools, fair rules and experienced staff secure the DayzUnderground servers.

Organic Roleplay

Genuine interactions through Organic Roleplay with fear-factor

Organic Roleplay is a unique approach: There are no rules restricting your in-game freedom of choice. Roleplay has to remain exciting. Instead of forcing interactions and making them feel meaningless, you are given the ability to create your stories with DayZ’s most fundamental aspect in mind: Unpredictability. No encounter is guaranteed to go any specific way and that uncertainty creates an unmatched rush of raw emotions. When interactions aren’t forced, fear or trust are real. Death and loss are a looming presence. Morality has an actual impact. OrganicRP evolves around community members who are naturally aware of what entertaining stories and enjoyable RP are. Most importantly, we want everyone to be respectful of each other.

Private Forum

The community’s beating heart

If this website is the face of DayzUnderground, then our guts and beating heart is our private forum /r/dayzunderground. Over many years it has been the life blood of our players ongoing survival tales and bloody battle memories. Learning to survive the zombie apocalypse with many others has been at the heart of our community, and many an eager group has formed and been extinguished in our long history. Only DayzUnderground members have access to our private forum as it is a place for those people dedicated to telling their own story and enjoying the journey’s of others as we all struggle to survive the harsh world of Chernaurus post infection.

Groups and official Factions

Discover your place within the true depth of the community

Find just the playstyle you’re looking for or lead your own group of survivors. DUG members have created a living universe of groups and official factions within our private forum and servers. Each have their unique goals, identity, playstyle and storylines. The true depth of DayzUnderground lies within faction and group politics. Groups can be started by anyone, official faction status is awarded to groups that provide outstanding contributions to the community.

Apply and Join

The first step – your journey and story ahead

Do you want a deeper DayZ experience and spend your time with likeminded people? Do you want your interactions and stories to have a lasting impact? Submit your application, join DayzUnderground and begin your story! DUG’s application form requires no quiz questions or character essays. You tell us what you care about.